Etxalar is a border village located in a pleasant and quiet environment, next to the river Tximista. It received the National Prize of Tourism thanks to its embellishment and improvement, with houses dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. There, you can visit the steles (estelas discoideas) of the parish church and the Medieval tower of Gaztelu. There are also its famous Palomeras (Pigeon Hunting Posts), surrounded by oaks, chestnut trees and beech forests. In November, you can enjoy the gastronomic workshops of hunting ( Jornadas Gastronómicas de la Caza).The village is located 70 km away from Pamplona and 40 km away from San Sebastián.


Places to visit...


Infernuko Errota - Mill

(6 km away)

It is an antique watermill, located in the heart of the forest, next to a natural river waterfall. Self-guided tour. 

Caves of Zugarramurdi

(8 km away)

The Cave of Zugarramurdi is a special tourist site thanks to the magic, the fantasy and the witchcraft around it. The caves are located 400 metres away from this village, on the western side of the Navarre Pyrenees, very close to the border with France. There is also the Museum of Witches (Museo de las Brujas).

 Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park

(11 km away)

It is a fantastic botanical garden with blackbirds, squirrels and around seven species of woodpeckers. It is a Natural Park located in Oieregi, on the western side of the Navarre Pyrenees, next to the river Bidasoa, surrounded by tall and well-preserved trees.

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